Hello & Welcome

Welcome to Merveilles De Mains, a taste of France.

My name is Sandrine, I am a French woman living in France in a small village close to the Alps, 40mn drive from Lyon the second biggest city of France. I enjoy the best of two worlds available to me. One day in the countryside enjoying a relaxing life, another day in a vibrant city, admiring beautiful paintings, art exhibitions and so much more.

I am a French teacher, lace-maker, lace designer, embroidery designer. I love France, French culture, French language, French literature, French cooking (oh yes!), French wines, French art. I am passionate about the French way of life. I hope you can find here a piece of France, a piece of France you enjoy and benefit from. I am also very curious about other cultures, I was fortunate enough to travel and spend a few years in the United States, Japan and New Zealand.

I know what it takes to live in a different country, to learn a foreign language. I know how challenging it can be, and how beautiful it is.

My English is... so French! Sorry about that!

Welcome to my world of lace and embroidery. But, as I said, being also a French teacher, I will not resist teaching you a few words, a few tips about my culture. I am sure we will love this journey together. Learning French, French culture and French lace & embroidery can be fun. I promise you.

So welcome, welcome to my world where art and elegance meet every 21 Century woman, curious, willing to understand more about France and its culture, elegant, classy.

Welcome to our world, I am happy and honored to be with you on this fabulous journey.

If you have any question, please, feel free to ask me, I would love to hear from you.